Tuesday, September 17

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September 13:

"I'm tired as a cucumber!" Ethan exclaimed with delight in his voice as he bounced into our bed at 2:30 in the morning. Oliver's been waking up during the past few nights, which means basically every other mammal in the house wakes up, and last night he did so while also being feverish. No other symptoms, just fever and floppyness/whining.

I'm tired as a cucumber, and lucky for me, Noah is taking a motorcycle driving course all. weekend. No he doesn't have one, and no we don't have the money to buy one. But I agreed to give him the go-ahead to take the class with his friend Jeff as my anniversary present to him, because at the time it seemed easy. No hours spent whittling a custom tipper for his bodhran ordering him something from Amazon! Except now it's like, don't worry, I'll be alone with a kindergartner and a sick baby all weekend long! Happy anniversary! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA Joke's on me!

*   *   *

September 17:

Turns out Oliver had a stomach bug. Neither cool nor fun. But he's a trooper. Best baby imaginable.

Poor, sweet angel baby.
By the time Sunday morning rolled around, I was wiped out. My mom stayed home from church to help me with Ollie, which was great, because he happened to poop all over me and our bed.

Concerned big brother, although don't ask him to change any diapers
While my mom cuddled him, I showed her photos on Houzz.com to help her figure out a plan for her living room update in the future. She helpfully responded with comments like:

"Oh no, that's terrible."
"I could work with that, only I don't like that dining set or the couch."
"That hallway looks like you're walking to your death."
"Busy Lizzy."

Later on, unable because of exhaustion to resist Ethan's schemes, I found myself in our front yard holding a vintage 3-wood golf club, getting ready to hit a beer pong ball off a neon green tee across our driveway to the indentation in our neighbor's front yard where Ethan was holding a traffic-cone-orange child's-bike-trailer flag in it. (I didn't realize it was a beer pong ball; I thought it was a weird red ping pong ball, which Ethan Really Needed a pack of last time we were at Walmart; and then when we brought them home Noah was all, "Why did you get beer pong balls?" And I'm all, "Oh that's what those are?" And he was like, "Were they in the aisle that also had the beer?" And then I'm like, "Oh.")

*   *   *

In conclusion, here are the flowers in my garden:


Will Scarlet climbing rose

peach Hibiscus


Gallardia, or Blanket Flower

Day Lily, heroically still producing the occasional bloom



red Dahlias

red Hibiscus


Jenn said...

No black thumbs in your house! Those flowers are amazing. Also, it makes me smile a lot that you bought beer pong balls. :) :) :)

paul and mackenzie said...

I saw those balls the other day...I still don't understand what they are....why, yes, I am alcohol stupid.

The Bug said...

I'm alcohol stupid too - but it's still pretty funny.

"That hallway looks like you're walking to your death." I love your mom :)

Hope Ollie feels better by now!

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