Friday, July 12

Wrapped in Love: how I became an idiot savant and what I'm doing about it

In the past few months, several friends have asked me to help them learn how to sew. Most of them have machines but have no real idea how to use them. I've been there; a few years ago Noah bought me a sewing machine for Christmas on a total whim when he noticed me watching Project Runway obsessively and shouting "Make it work!" at him in a faux sexy-German accent (Klum) or a concerned, East Coast gay man's accent (Gunn).

Now, years later, I'm in the position of being able to shout that at others! I've fumbled my way to a decent understanding of beginner-to-intermediate sewing, leaving a wreckage of broken needles, bent pins, and enormous thread tangles in my wake. 

So I had this idea: What if I hosted an Idiot's Guide to Sewing 101—No Really, I'm an Idiot day for my friends? It's happening, people. Tomorrow! And MacKenzie has very sweetly offered her house as the sewing studio from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. And several other friends, including my Irish Nanny, are coming to offer their skills for anyone who'd like to learn or improve at knitting or crocheting.

We're not showing people how to sew clothes, though. (Mostly because there aren't enough waifs with blank stares 'round these parts on which to drape our couture.) 

Instead, the goal is to make 15 baby-sized blankets over the course of the next several weeks, which we'll donate to my church's ministry parter, Salem Pregnancy Care Center. They have a little shop-like room where moms can go in and pick up things they need. The thought of them being able to choose a one-of-a-kind, handmade quilt or blanket for their little one gets me all verklempt. 

My kids are such a focus of my life now, it only seemed natural to want to reach out to other moms—particularly single moms, many of whom are in crisis—to remind them they're not alone. I got the idea to call the ministry "Wrapped in Love" from a lovely post at Delia Creates. The very sweet Delia graciously gave me permission to use the phrase and the red flannel heart (the plan is to embroider "Wrapped in Love" on each heart to place in a blanket corner) for this ministry.

image via Delia Creates
If you'd like to participate—either in person at MacKenzie's (we're planning follow-up get togethers to help each other along and/or hang out and eat food) or just want to sew/knit/crochet along—wherever you are! whether local or not!—please do let me know. I'm getting excited about being, you know, generous: helping other people learn a skill I've come to really enjoy, and making something special for single moms who really need support and love. 

And if I get to shout "Make it work!" several times in the process, all the better.


Danielle said...

please come teach me to sew. please. i can barely stitch a straight line on a card :(

Slamdunk said...

Like Noah, I bought a sewing machine a few years ago because I overheard the Mrs. tell someone that she wanted to learn. Well, she never did and I was told I should have gotten a different brand--but she never did have me return it.

The Bug said...

I'm in Ohio, so obviously can't attend (boo), but I do crochet. Is there a pattern that the crocheters are using? If not, what size blanket? I've been making prayer shawls, so maybe I could make a blanket :)

Erin said...

Danielle—only if you teach me paper crafts!

Slam—honestly, getting to know your machine and use it for the first few times is the hardest part.

The Bug—that would be awesome! There's no particular pattern, they're just selecting a pattern that's roughly 36" x 36"

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