Wednesday, May 29

Updates: Words, Photos, Videos. A multimediapallooza

  • Several of you have asked to see photos of Ethan and Oliver together, so I aim to oblige. However, they are frequently featured on my Instagram feed, which you can follow HERE.
  • Oliver has been jumping in place while being held for a good couple of weeks, so I decided to get him a jumper. He hated the Jackie Jump Jorp or whatever that hangs in the doorframe and costs twenty bucks, so we returned it to Target and brought home Ethan's pick: the Baby Einstein Prepare Your Baby for Space Travel Educational Jumper System.Which cost considerably more. Of course, Oliver adores it, almost as much as he adores Ethan. 
  • I've had a couple run-ins with consumer products lately. I fluster more easily while kid-wrangling, so that doesn't help, but for one thing the aforementioned Baby Einstein P.Y.B.f.S.T.E.J.S. came with an instruction manual several chapters long. It doesn't say on the box, but I discovered about halfway through that a degree in engineering, a third arm, and a chiropractor would have helped the process. The other issue was my new Ziploc Space Bags, which I thought Ethan would get a kick out of, but apparently he's seen the commercial at one of his grandparents' house, so while I was all, "Get this—we put these 43 pillows in..." and he's all, "Yeah and you put the vacuum on it and suck out all the air. That's not magic." However, opening the suction cap required magic. Actually, a pair of pliers. But still. Not as easy as the three-step instruction process wants you to believe.
  • I got bangs. Again. Thanks to my awesome neighbor/stylist Tina. Gotta say, there's nothing like only having to walk ten yards to get a great haircut.
  • Oliver's been doing this hilarious thing where he stopped sleeping at night. Last night I handed him over to Noah at 4:30 and gave him the ol' peace out. This is what my hair looks like when baby randomly doesn't sleep.
  • I don't know if I'm in denial or what, but tonight I said, "Hey, let's try Ollie with some oatmeal cereal." I mean, last week I gave him a Mum Mum banana baby cracker for the first time, which was also the first time he self-fed.
    We have a thigh situation.
    He's been showing real interest in actual food and drinks for weeks, but he's not even six months! So here's what went down: 

    He doesn't know what's coming.
    Then he's like, What the WHAT.
    This is after he's been bibbed up and literally banged the table in demand of a second bowl.
    This is him literally licking the bowl.
    And here are a bunch of pictures:

    Ethan got a haircut for the summer. Still pretty long though.
    Outraged that Daddy never let him play with this key, even though he really felt he needed to dunk it in a bucket of blue paint.
    Performing a poop check.
    Daddy love.
    My lil fellas.
    Big Bunny love.
    Oliver totally relishing a pseudo snuggle while Ethan slept.
    Luuuuuuuuuurves his big brother.

    And in conclusion, two dance parties:

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

THe bangs are working for you! And Bennett's first food was waffles...because I forgot he was 6 months and hadnt had food yet and just stuck some on his tray. Whoops. Poor baby 3 will skip spoons all together.

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