Monday, January 7

I only got poop on me once, so today goes in the Wins column

Today Noah started a new job. He's not a police officer anymore, which is pretty crazy when you consider he was one when we moved into this house, before Ethan was born, and now Ethan is a lactation consultant. Even crazier: Oliver will never know his dad as a policeman.

Noah still works for the police, but as a civilian. He's an analyst in the information systems department, which means regular office hours for all eternity. And also a significant pay raise—boom boom holla! We be rollin! Well not really, but staying in the black won't be a tightrope scenario anymore.

More significantly, today was my first day alone with my two sons. I was worried about it, obviously, because boys, I mean hello. And sure one of them is only five weeks (tomorrow! aaaaaggggh!), and sure I've babysat for two kids while managing Ethan before, but you know. Both kids are mine, so I have to be more careful with them. (Kidding! Just kidding, Jen and Heather! I love your kids and have never left them alone for more than 15 minutes, and I always provided them with a bag of candy before doing so.)

No, really what I think my concern came down to is sleep deprivation. Thankfully, Oliver and Ethan both slept in until 10:30 this morning, which is proof that there is a loving God. Ethan crawled in next to me not long after Noah left and mercifully went back to sleep. He didn't wake up for Oliver's 8 a.m. feeding and Ollie went back to sleep as well.

The boys were good. I was able to fold some laundry and put on another load. I kept them both fed, and even got Ethan to take his tamiflu (which we're all taking because we all have been dealing with the influenza). By the way, Ethan's tamiflu routine consists of sprinkling a small spoonful of sugar into his mouth, him then taking and holding a sip of diet Mountain Dew in his mouth, then squirting the syringe of banana-flavored medicine into his full mouth, and him swallowing it all, followed by another deep swig of Dew. This happens four times a day. With intense cajoling each time.

The day went quite well, really. I asked Ethan over puzzles if I was doing okay and he said I was. I even got in a little zumba while Oliver was napping. (As opposed to what he does the rest of the time, which is treat me as his personal water fountain. And that's a commentary not only on my role, but on his technique when we have a forceful letdown situation.)

Okay, well, I got in the five-minute merengue intro section of the how-to zumba video. Still, it wouldn't have been possible without Ethan's cooperation, which included him shouting, "Give me your moves, Mom! Speed it up!"

When we reconvened over dinner, Noah was pleased to say he's really going to enjoy this new job. Luckily, it seems that so am I.


Lish said...

I'm glad it went so well. I think that's my concern for more children. I had my first so young, at 16, and my next 14 years later. Now I'm due in August and Molly's scared of potty training and I have NO IDEA how this is supposed to work.
So. I hope it's continuing to go well so you can give me tips.
And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Noah!

Heather said...

I never had doubts ;) You are a terrific mother! So awesome you can juggle EVERYTHING! Love you!

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