Sunday, October 7

Shut my cake hole

Last week when I had my glucose screen, and I had to get up and out earlyish to do it, one of the complaints I grumbled to myself was, "This is totally unnecessary anyway, I don't have diabetes." And then the universe called (via the doctor's office) and was all, "Oh yeah, except you totally do lolz!"

So I had to do a three-hour glucose tolerance test two days later, in which I fasted for 9 hours, had a blood draw, drank a drink twice as nasty as the first one, then had a blood draw once every hour for the next three hours, in the meantime sitting in the OB-GYN lobby trying to reread Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix while watching other lucky people come and go, including a Really Loud Cell Phone Talker, who apparently had an epidural for back pain the day before and was concerned she would contract meningitis, the latest affliction that was "All Over the News."

The confirmation of The Diabetus came Friday afternoon, mere hours before my friend Elizabeth's 30th birthday party, which featured a glorious strawberry lemonade cake with gorgeous purple frosting sprinkled in what appeared to be sparkling fairy dust and surrounded by adorable cake pops, from her husband's cousin's business, Cupcake Cuties. Incidentally, none of it was sugar free.

I have to go to a class on Thursday in which I'll be taught about diet and how to test my own blood sugar, which sounds super fun!, but until then my friend Jessica (who also was blindsided by her gd diagnosis a few years ago) gave me some good pointers, like whenever I have a snack I should combine a carb and a protein. So this afternoon, I'm having an apple fritter with roast beef.


roysie said...

Sorry to hear the diagnosis, Erin. I had to do the three hour glucose test last week as well and I was sure I had diabetes because sugar makes me feel so sick. However, got the call that I passed. Good luck!

Jenn said...

UGH. I hate the diyabeetuss. If you have sweets in your house that are tempting you, I can take care of them for you. I have a.... disposal for them, if you will.

Lish said...

The good news is that sugar free stuff is way better than it was ten years ago. And that gestational diabetes is a ton more forgiving than regular... As I have learned 20 months later now that the big girl diabetes has showed up in my life.
You can do this. It will suck with the cravings and the hormones but you can. And it'll mean watching you closer but you and the babe will be fine. But please, my Internet friend, learn the food lessons and keep to it after - I slacked and I do not wish this follow-up diagnosis on anyone.
You can do this.
If you need recipes or encouragement on how to manage the holidays with All The Candy tempting you, find me.

Tiffster said...

Ugh. Yes. That SUCKS. I had it my last 2 pregnancies. I was, however, religious about keeping it under control. They were my 2 smallest babies, and now 2 1/2 years later it has not come back. (My weight was always in normal ranges) The dietician helps alot. It is crazy to learn about the carb/protein thing. Seems counter-intuitive that bacon really is better for you in the morning than say, oatmeal. Good luck, but for sure take it seriously!!!

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