Monday, July 16

How have I never seen this before?!

Three-year-old Ethan Etheridge watches as the gates are unlocked on opening day at BB&T Ballpark Wednesday, March 30, 2011. He came to the game with his parents Erin and Noah Etheridge and grandparents Kevin and Sharon Townsley. Credit: Lauren Carroll/Journal

Fortunately the photog didn't catch him peeing into the new shrubbery lining the entrance just minutes before.


Kat said...

What a celebrity!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did we miss this!


Anonymous said...

This picture got by Richard and me, too, somehow. Was it in the Journal? Mimi

Mode Dog said...

How cute is this!

Antionette said...

Cute photo! Just found your it! I am a local LEOW too (Greensboro PD). Nice to "hear" from someone with the same perspective as mine. None of my friends have a LEO husband and don't always understand what it is like to send your loved one out to just go to work and pray that no one wants to kill them that day.
Thanks for writing!

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