Wednesday, July 11

Can I quote you on that?

Back in Florida when we first told Ethan I was pregnant ("There's a baby in mommy's tummy!), he starting being very clingy to me, in a protective sort of way. He stopped cooperating in the mornings before preschool, when it hadn't been a problem before. He always wanted to be together. He's stayed that way. And as the pregnancy progressed, I've felt the renewed vigor of my attachment to him as well.

Hopscotch, Ethan-style
Certainly there are times when a little privacy would be welcome. Like this morning.

Me: {vomit, blerg, puke}
Ethan, standing next to me: Ugh. Are you done spitting up yet?

He has very sweet moments as well, of course.

The artist
Mommy Sun, Daddy Sun, Ethan Sun

Me: What would you say if someone asked you what your daddy's job was?
Ethan: Policeman.
Me: What if they asked you what your mommy's job was?
Ethan: Umm...I don't know what your job is.
Me: Well, it's taking care of you.
Ethan: But Mommy, now I take care of you.

Before you ask, yes I'm having this notarized, so one day when I'm old and infirm his concession will still hold up in court.

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Precious child! Mimi

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