Thursday, April 19

All roads lead to Rome

In my daily perusing of Pinterest, I came across an LA Times Venn diagram about what vegans actually eat versus what non-vegans think vegans eat.

More interesting than the rather boring graphic was the comments section, filled with self-righteous screeds and vitriol coming from both sides of the aisle. When it comes to food, though, it seems there are hundreds of aisles. I've marveled at the lengths some people go to in an attempt at gluten-freeing or veganizing or Paleoing or Atkinsing their diets. Equally amazing is how truly horribly many (most?) Americans eat.

In my book, whether it's trans-filled or made from some odd mix of vegetable matter, fake butter is fake butter.

I whipped up my own Venn diagram, incidentally, to send out into cyberspace in hopes it'll quell the rage and remind folks that some of our most basic life lessons come from children's books.

I call this one "Everybody Poops."


Jenn said...

LOL Having a gluten-free son, I can confirm that yes, he poops. And yes, fake bread poop is damn near awful. It has recently involved standing on the side of the house with the hose setting on "jet" and trying to avoid the rogue ricochet poo.

I feel blessed to have no food allergies like his, because the carbs- I COULD NOT GIVE THEM UP.

Deidre said...

HAHAHA, I love this venn diagram! It is fantastic.

Jen said...

If there is a contest for Venn diagrams, you should enter this. It is the king of Venn diagrams.

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