Thursday, March 29

With his startling attention to detail and specificity, it's no wonder he's an analyst

Noah: "I heard this great song today on the radio. It was some older love song, like maybe John Denver, from like the 70s."

Me: "Cool."

Noah: "So, do you know it?"

Me: "Yes."


Amy said...

That, my friend, is awesome.

And a happy weekend, to you!

The Bug said...

You two are funny. I think I know the song too. Heh.

On another note - I see what Ethan will look like in another 20 years or so :)

Anonymous said...

So funny.

I copied an email to you a few minutes ago. I wrote it to myself so I won't forget those funny things Ethn said. Thanks, Richard and Adam, for your input.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your blog.

I really miss you guys.


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