Monday, February 20

Nailed it, Or Ethan still thinks I can leap tall buildings in a single bound

Ethan is four.

Here's a roundup of some things he's said in the past few weeks:

"I want good dreams in my eyes, but bad dreams keep coming into my eyes."

"That cupcake dream was the goodest dream."

"You're the great Mommy forever," while patting my cheek.

"Ready, a set, market, go!"


And of course the ever popular, "These aren't lies. They're...mysteries."

My personal favorite, though, was when I lay next to him in bed on a night he couldn't fall asleep and he said, "I love talking to you, Mommy." Sort of reminds me of our very first night together.

*    *    *

Yesterday, his actual birthday, I made the mistake of having Pinterest open and he saw a professional-quality sailboat cake and insisted that he wanted me to make that cake for him. So I did.

"So what do you think of your cake?" I asked.

"It's good!" he said. I have video evidence.

(The inspiration for the cake came from here and the idea for the "Nailed It" photo came from this awesome origami nazgul nailed it.)


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you daughter. Not only can you write but you are a master baker. You continue to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

I love the cake! Awesome to win the seal of approval:) I took at look at the other link. he's always been sooo cute:) Miss you guys,


Kate @ Daffodils said...

You did nail it! Happy Birthday, big man!

Unknown said...

You're going to start taking orders for wedding cakes, aren't you? I particularly like the shade of Smurfs blue you achieved. You're an awesome mama.

Amy said...

"These aren't lies. They're...mysteries." Pretty sure I need to write that one down--you know, just in case.

And a very happy birthday to the little man!

roysie said...

What? It's perfect! ;)

Jan said...

You, Ms Erin are a SUPERmom, and Nathan is SUPERadorable, and you gave him a most excellent 4th birthday celebration! Precious post, Lady!

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