Wednesday, February 8

He could be a presidential candidate, with his ability to redirect apropos of nothing

I have no idea what's going on with Ethan, but after I picked him up from school he completely fell apart. Every morning and afternoon we "race" from the car down the sidewalk to the preschool entrance, and today I parked across the street. He failed to stop and look for cars before running out, so I shouted for him to stop and told him that was absolutely not acceptable, because that is a rule for all kids, and not stopping to look for cars is very dangerous.

Well. Didn't realize I was opening things up for a heated if one-sided debate, filled with Ethan's many talking points, which he called "questions," including:

"You're not listening to my words, and that makes me mad."

"The sun is too bright in my eyes, and you're making it shine out."

"You didn't take care of my feather, you doughnut."

"You're making me cry." [Observably false.]

"I'm not mad anymore, but you're making me mean to people, and that's not very nice."

"If you don't take care of my Baby [Baby Bunny, Big Bunny's offspring] while I'm at work, I'm going to be sad."

"Mommy, are you mad?"
"Aren't you going to ask me the question back?"
"Are you mad?"

I think I would have scored more points if he understood the definition of "nevertheless."


Anonymous said...

You must admit he makes some fair points, you doughnut.

Anonymous said...

Reading this conversation has made me laugh more today than I have laughed in a week! He is such a funny wee kid and so adorable to go along with it!

Mum (Nana)

Erin said...

Sal—Well, when you put it that way.

Mom—Laughing burns calories. Too bad eye-rolling doesn't.

Anonymous said...

This made my day..thanks Ethan, and okay Erin
Dianne (the 911 dispatcher)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You win for the best paci story. Maybe Ethan got his lying skills from your mom's people :)

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