Monday, February 6

Dramatis personae

The worst part of today was getting a flu shot, and not even because of the shot. (Thanks, Dr. Powell, for intimidating me with your concern and browbeating a concession out of me—"It's not too late!" It's never too late for you people, is it?) No, the worst part was that Ethan was there with me, and he pulled the whole red-rimmed eyes, quavery voice act: "Mommy, I don't want you to get a shot!"

Noah got to the clinic in time for me to send a simpering Ethan out to the waiting room, and then we arrived at the Nadir of The Worst Part: I had to pretend like I didn't get the shot to spare Ethan's feelings.

"Well, I did get a shot, but it didn't really hurt. Look, I got a Band-Aid!"

"Bu-ut I di-idn't wa-nt you da getta shot," he said, faltering through emotion.

"Just kidding! I didn't get one."

"Oh! Okay."

So for the rest of the evening I've had to go around acting like nothing happened, like I wasn't impaled by the point of Modern Medicine's spear, that my arm isn't slightly achy. In short, I didn't get to milk this situation, not even a little.

*     *     *

I don't know what it is about Ethan today, but he's been super emo, walking around holding a hand mirror, frequently looking at his own sullen face. <—True Story

"I don't like this attitude you're making!" Ethan stormed at his father, who claimed he couldn't stop to pick up the sand shovel Ethan dropped because he was hauling a road bike up three flights of stairs.

"I want ALL the beans [ed. note: peas], in a grown-up plate. I'm not sharin' 'em," he announced during his pre-dinner aperitif of Diet Mountain Dew, which he also requisitioned illicitly.

And tonight, while watching episodes of the Pink Panther, nibbling at his pot stickers and picking at the Peas of Requirement, he glanced over at his parents with melancholy.

"What's the matter, Ethie?" I asked.

"I miss Bonnie and Cody," he murmured.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," he sighed, lifting the mirror to his face.


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely hilarious! Not only does he look like you but he also inherited the dramatic effect!


Dad said...

Cody's EMO has finally rubbed off on Ethan. I wonder if Cody has access to a mirror and is secretly looking into it and thinking "I miss Ethan and the rest of my family"? Too much longer and I will be getting a mirror too!

Steven Tyler's PJs said...

Now THAT is a child who would be a great addition to a drama department. The things that small people come up with are hilarious.

paul and mackenzie said...

You know what's happening don't you? He and Cody each have pieces of the same mirror and when they both look in it they can see each other. You know, like in the Harry Potter book.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

aw, poor guy! Change is tough. Glad he is seeing his emotions though :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Erin. So Ethan has been telling "mysteries" lately, huh? Also hilarious. (Not that he's teling them, but that he's calling them "mysteries.") Richard and I are reading 1-2-3 Magic on my Kindle. I ordered paperback copies for you and Nick. It reminded me of what I learned from you when we were at Disney--the book claims to help parents and grandparents discipline 2 - 12 year olds without yelling, screaming, arguing, or hitting. Ordered the DVDs, too.

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