Wednesday, January 25

The dream versus the reality

Noah's not been feeling well the past couple of days (congestion, grumpiness), so I thought Ethan and I could surprise him by picking him up from work so he didn't have to ride his bike in the warmth and humidity.

So I blow dried (blew dry?) my hair, put on some makeup and a pair of cute slingback wedges with the intention of leaning against the hood of our car and being all, "Tell me about it, stud," a la Olivia Newton John (and if you don't know that's from Grease because you still weren't old enough to see the 20th anniversary theatrical re-release, you cannot ride this roller coaster). I even fancied a gentle breeze might tousle my hair and add some drama.

Except, Noah was over an hour late getting out. Let me tell you, folks. An hour on a small Naval base with a three year old and nothing to do. Several long walks along the main strip wind tunnel and two trips to the bowling alley bathroom later, and my hair was a tangled mess, I had blisters from my kicky nonsensical heels, and I was hangry.*


So poor Noah. After being kept late an hour, he was greeted not by a revamped and sassy Sandra D, but a shrew who'd been pulled through a hedge backwards.

Let me just add:


Man Named Kim said...

soooooooo funny. poor Noah.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Very funny! I can so picture it. And thanks for the new word. The people in my house are hangry all the time around here lately!

Anonymous said...

Love the term hangry. So apt. Sorry your seduction didn't go a planned. But it made for a good story.

Jen said...

In my house, we call them "the hungry grumps." It sounds cute, but it's usually used more in the context of, "I have the hungry grumps right now, so if you speak to me for any reason at all, I will punch you." Also, those e-cards are the best ever.

Heather Lanae said...

Bahahaha! Oh how I have missed you!

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