Wednesday, January 11

Back to the normal kind of depression

Our first few days here were a bit bumpy. We returned our moving truck after dark, and the very next morning before sunrise Noah was up and back at work/school (swork? schwool?). Anyway, Ethan and I were stranded in the apartment for a few days while we figured out what to do about the transportation situation, since we only have one car.

Noah has gotten a bike. Actually, a second bike. Because we forgot our bikes back in North Carolina. Even though we specifically wanted to bring them. I know, monkey farts. Anyway, we found a great bike shop with exceptional customer service, and he bought a nearly-20-year-old steel-frame bike that he absolutely loves (you wouldn't know it was 20 years old, which called to mind this interesting article I read recently), and he's been biking to schwork every morning since, and loving it.

Meanwhile, I've had the car to putter around town, take Ethan to preschool, go to the beach, etc.

*     *     *

Today we had a rental washer and dryer delivered. Twas a lady deliveryman. And she hauled both machines up three flights of stairs on a dolly, by herself.

We got to chatting and I learned she's going to Navy boot camp in a few months. She has three kids, but she was a military kid growing up and loves the lifestyle and the benefits of joining. I assured her that being a little older (ahem) would actually be an asset, which we discovered when Noah, the grandpa of his class at age 28, excelled at boot camp.

The difference, I think, is that when you're a bit older, a bit more firmly rooted in adult life, and especially if you have a family, you know exactly what you're getting: a steady paycheck, fantastic health benefits, marketable job skills, etc. What's more, those things actually mean something by the time you're rounding 30, instead of being merely theoretical, as they are to a 19-year-old. Same goes for going back to school a bit later in life.

Did I mention she hauled both machines up the stairs by herself?

*     *     *

We're fairly settled in, we've had several of Noah's shipmates over to the apartment, Ethan's thriving in preschool, and I have vehicular freedom. Finally I've gotten over the harshest edge of homesickness and can devote my energies to the things that really matter, like judging myself harshly against my fit husband and the superhero deliverylady.


Danielle said...

1. I love that you said monkey farts
2. I can barely carry a full load of laundry upstairs let alone the washer or dryer.
3. Glad your getting settled

Anonymous said...

So what do nana and poppy do for missing Ethan sickness?

The Bug said...

I think Nana & Poppy should ride the bikes down to Florida to visit Ethan. No? :)

stephanie said...

erin - i wish you could give me some tips on this whole moving thing. especially while i'm pregnant. because i'm actually longing for the snow & darkness of alaska this time of year. i miss my family terribly. and i just finished the last season of gilmore girls and have nothing to watch. any tips for coping?

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