Tuesday, December 13

Like most advisors, I can trust his judgment about half the time

Ethan tried out "Mom" on me tonight. "Can I watch TV all day, MOM?" he said, with a wiggle of his eyebrows and a sly grin.

"I'm Mommy," I replied.

"But Sid the Science Kid calls her Mom, and he said, MOM can I watch TV all day? And Mom said, no, that's not healthy for your...buns. You have to exercise."

*    *     *

Later on he tackled the conundrum of how to get to The Backyardigans' house (because they really miss him). He came up with two options: 1) He pilots a plane, I copilot, and we fly there, or 2) We buy a Backyardigans book.

I thought option two was most reasonable, but then he stipulated it must be a magical book, with sparkles, that we could jump into and play with the Backyardigans. So. Maybe the plane one.


Slamdunk said...

Glad I have not had to answer the Backyardigans question--we have a young fan here as well.

My wife's younger sister once declared that "everyone deserves to watch television undisturbed for a whole day on a regular basis."

I can't remember if this was before or after her unplanned pregnancy. If it was after, I am sure the tv days are a forgotten dream.

Anonymous said...

that mom/mommy thing touched me in particular. my mother was big on being "mommy" for the longest time. she got her way well into elementary school. by fourth or fifth grade, she would graciously answer to "mom," but she never wanted to be anything else.

funny how that goes. kinda made me miss her, in that weird bittersweet way, to read that. not really the point of a funny story at all, though, but that's what it is, i guess.

thanks. :)

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