Friday, December 16

I've dreaded out my hair and answer only to "Captain Crazy Eyes"

Noah is coming home for Christmas on the night of the 23rd. We'll have been apart for another 4 weeks. In more than three months, we've been together for less than 24 hours.

Apparently the light at the end of the tunnel, so close yet still out of reach, is driving me a little mad—with the added stress of holiday prep and moving prep and whatnot. This afternoon Noah reminded me that I'm the captain of this ship, and I need to refocus, because right now I'm hanging out of the crow's nest guiding a flaming vessel into port at full speed.

"The captain's job is to bring the ship safely in," Noah said.

"OR go down with the ship," I replied.

The only way to fix this is with copious amounts of junk food and 30 Rock. Good for the long term? Not a chance. But it'll do for now.

Seven more days.


Carrie Potts said...

Erin you are AMAZING!! I've been following your blog and seriously I don't know how you do it. Your stories are hilarious and you are clearly handling this tough time with grace and humor and that is no easy task! Noah is a lucky man to have you to hold down the fort and obviously he knows that--you guys will be stronger for this! Proverbs 31: "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies...Strength and honor are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come" Keep it up--you're almost to the finish!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

i admire you for this. i'm thinking of all of y'all.

Unknown said...

Ok, so I've got a tip for you: Masking tape has not got enough *stick* to it, so you could try packing tape instead. I'm sure there's some of that around, right? The other solution is thumbtacks -- the tall kind not the nubbins. You know how Christmas lights have the twisted wires? Push your thumbtacks into the wall and feed them in between the twists in the wire. It holds up really well. One of my favorite Christmases was the one where we all had flu and couldn't get out of bed most of the time. I was 8. Ethan will tell fond stories one day of Mommy's Ghetto Christmas, don't you worry. Hang in there Captain Crazy Eyes, we are all rooting for you!

Unknown said...

...aaaand I just realized that my profile doesn't say who I am. It's Danielle. So hi *waves*

stephanie said...

you're almost there erin - just a day left. :)

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