Tuesday, October 18

How about I probably punch you in the face

In case you were wondering what exactly Noah is going through, here's a short video that gives a glimpse.

Don't ask me any details though. I WOULDN'T KNOW. Three weeks tomorrow (a third of the way!) and still no real letter or personal phone call. Aside from missing my best friend, there's plenty of Important Business Matters that I need information on that only he can provide. Such as, you know, when exactly are we moving to Florida. And when exactly should we attempt to get a lease on the apartment down there. And will he be able to come home and help us move, or am I going to be loading up a moving truck and driving myself down there. Because I am fully prepared to go all Little Miss Sunshine up in here.

Today I called the only phone number I have (aside from the Red Cross, which can contact him in case of emergency), a Public Affairs Office number, because I've yet to recieve any paycheck from the Navy. "Oh, he probably won't get paid until the beginning of November. Just write to him and ask him."

Thanks, lady. I've sent 21 letters and gotten a half page note. Real effective. And "probably" just isn't good enough for me anymore.


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say because, believe me, she's out for blood!

Love, Mum

Ben said...

Whoa, you guys are moving to Florida?? I thought Noah was going into the reserves! Oh, and I hope you get an answer from them soon. I am spending nine months away from Alicia while she is at school, but at least we get to communicate! Sheesh! Thinking of you guys and I hope very much that you are doing well.

Ben G.

Erin said...

Mom—I learned it from you.

Ben—We're only moving temporarily! He'll be there for training from December through early June, and we can accompany him. Quite an adventure :)

Natalie said...

Ugh. It's so frustrating when the people who are supposed to support you (the Public Affairs Office) are so disconnected from the reality of your situation. "Oh, write to him? I hadn't thought of that!" Fail.

I hope you get some guidance soon, lady. And remember: no one is above a good, blubbering cry and some fist shaking.

Erin said...

Natalie—You leave some of the best comments. Thank you.

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