Sunday, October 30

Don't ask, don't tell

I thought I'd be blogging all the time, just like the old days, but raising a preschooler solo and spending 45 minutes a night handwriting letters kinda takes it out of me.

According to his letters, Noah is transforming into a completely alien creature who irons his underwear and takes pride in the crisp 45-degree angles of his bed sheets and receives recognition for his towel-folding skillz and gets mad at himself for improperly orienting his pillow. In short, the Navy is slowly and systematically making him into a Stepford Wife.

On the other hand, I've had to do a number of things that, in my humble opinion, have earned me a few "You're The Man"s:

  • Found myself shoulder-deep in a storm drain retrieving a crappy toy ring for a crying child
  • Found myself elbow-deep in a really gross submerged water meter after a nearby water main burst
  • Come to think of it, I've been elbow-and-shoulder-deep in way more things than I ever have been before
  • I've chopped wood more than once, on the old stump out back
  • I've started and maintained several fires (legally, in my fireplace)
  • I've killed bugs that looked threatening and caught and released others that somehow made me feel sorry for them
  • I've identified and interred a dead mouse (if you count "picking it up with a shovel and throwing it into the woods" interring)
  • I've identified and made my dad dispose of a dead rat (OMG GROSS)
  • I've suppressed tears more than once but was ultimately overcome most of the time
In reality, I think my level of pride in doing these manly things make me less The Man than it makes me A Gay Man, but whatever.


stephanie said...

i've been catching up on your posts and they've really gotten me thinking....and mentally preparing...for when my husband is deployed for the first time since we've been married. especially with a kiddo on the way...

Slamdunk said...

I hope you get to benefit from the towel folding and bed making expertise soon.

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