Thursday, September 15

If Who's on third, who's in the castle? And who is Who's mother?

Noah's never been great at parsing out his family tree. When his cousin was born, he thought the lad was his nephew. This was two years ago. Not surprisingly, Ethan has been...perplexed...whenever we discuss family relationships.

I tested the waters the other day by asking if he knew my parents' last name. "Nana and Poppy Effridge," he said matter-of-factly. When I told him their last name was actually "Townsley," he looked at me as though I said dog poop makes good brownies and reemphasized that their last name is Etheridge.

Tonight I must have said something about my mother, because he asked, "What you say about your muvver? Who your muvver?"

"Who do you think is my mother?" I countered. See, we've been over this before.


"No, Mimi is Daddy's mother."

"Mimi is your muvver and Daddy's muvver."

"Well it doesn't work that way. Mommy and Daddy aren't brother and sister. Mommy and Daddy are married. KyKy and Mommy are brother and sister, and our mother is Nana. Daddy's mother is Mimi."

He chewed that one over for a minute. Then he started in on a very confusing monologue about kings, castles, and mothers, and what it came down to is, If he (Ethan) was a daddy, and also a king, who would be the mommy to live with him in his castle?

Apparently the way Noah is...the king? And I live with him in his castle? Considering the family relationship confusion and the specificity of detail, this raises a lot of alarms. I may convene a review of Noah's bedtime lesson plans.


Julia said...

I have cousins older than me that sparked confusion as a child. If they were adults, why were they cousins and not aunts or uncles? I didn't understand how brothers and sisters made aunts and uncles or how a great-uncle's children were still my cousins but they were seconds and thirds. 'Who decides these things!' I remember thinking exasperatedly while my mother patiently explained our extensive family tree for the millionth time. Then she launched Dad's side. Tears were shed.

Erin said...


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