Monday, August 8

Vacation Ethan

Don't get me wrong, we do experience some classic moments for the family annals, such as this one:

Unfortunately, this guy is the one we're dealing with most of the time:

Vacation Ethan. What can I say about Vacation Ethan? First off, he's something of a prima donna. He treats me, seeking adorable family photo ops, like a paparazzo.

This is him telling me off for following him around trying to take his picture:

This is him posing for a pre-pool-visit portrait:

This is him enjoying a kid's dream come to life, meeting a Disney character:

And finally, here he is enjoying a fine dinner out:

Yes, I realize that I wrote "tabecloth" instead of "tablecloth." But I don't have time to go fix it, because His Royal Highness is demanding use of the computer to watch Dora.

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