Thursday, July 14

Mystery solved

I received another package yesterday. This one was a glass bottle with a wax seal, a cork, and a message inside that could only be read by shining my special flashlight on it. In other words, the second best thing that's ever been delivered to me in the mail.

All these secret goings-on, however, have made me particularly sensitive to oddities. For example, after washing a load of Ethan's stuffed toys, it was highly disconcerting to walk past the washing machine and see this:

Unsettling regardless, we can all agree, but in my paranoid highly perceptive mind, what I saw was actually this:

Fortunately, the final package arrived today, clearing things up. The wealthy but sickly industrialist Winston Malgrave needs my help, and by golly he's going to get it.

However SpongeBob is still going to spend the night locked in a closet.


Anonymous said...

That brings back terrifying.memories of your scary porcelain dolls, doesn't it?

Erin said...

It does.

Unknown said...

GREAT photo. But I dunno. SpongeBob lived in our house, alongside lots of stuffed animals, until I don't want to tell you how recently (he did not go off to Tommy's college house. I'll just clarify). Knowing him and his particular sense of wackiness, he could also be saying, "hey, it's fun in here, come on in, we do somersaults!"

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