Monday, July 4

In on the action

Ethan's discovered Kyle's old toy box in my parents' garage, and he's really taken to the action figures. Every time we come over he wants to go search for more, although Kyle informed him, "There are no more guys. Now you're just grabbing accessories."

It's stunning the recall Kyle and Noah have of all the guys, everything from the pointy-yellow-headed Anime guy to various iterations of the Ninja Turtles to some weird gargoyle, a WWF wrestler in a speedo with a drawn-on hairy chest, and a green amphibian looking thing whose name is apparently Piccolo, which Ethan uses as his battle cry. "I smash you! Piccolope!"

Most of his action figure bad guys are far from nefarious at this point, though. One altercation happened where some dude dressed in fluorescent armor told the other dude, "I'm a bad guy. Wanna fight?" Another reached boiling point when a barrel-chested fellow refused to share with the guy whose head was smaller than his biceps.

What can I say? It's a boy.


Unknown said...

Um, I don't know what nefarious means.

Erin said...

Neither did my real mom.

You never had to take the GRE, did you?

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