Thursday, July 7

Check yo'self

"You not be rude to me, Mommy. You be happy and we be happy."

He also lectured me about how grown-ups should get things for little kids if they can't reach them (he wanted to play with some magnets that I didn't particularly care if he played with, but I also didn't want to encourage him playing with/losing them, so I told him if he wanted them, he'd have to get them himself).

I was feeling off this afternoon for a variety of reasons, and I knew I was being snappy. Ethan totally called me on it. I'd like to think his unflinching moralizing proves I'm a decent parent...even if it was me he was preaching to.

After I apologized for being rude, he told me he loved me, and we hugged. He's such a good parent.

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Catherine said...

Awww what a cutie. Hehe. I get called a naughty silly mummy sometimes. And told to say sorry.

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