Thursday, June 9

Things I like by people I love

I've been considering doing a video post since, oh, December, back when I acquired a computer with a built-in camera. I thought to meself, "Why not do a video post featuring things you like that you use every day that other people might like and use?" Because I've found many useful things in just this sort of way.

Maybe by putting this intention out there, I'll actually do it. At the moment, however, I am not shall we say camera ready. So instead, here's this.

Need a really cool, affordable gift? How about a handmade journal or address book from my friend Stephanie, of Tama Press

I bought an address book for my mom and a journal for my bff Kim, and both were beautifully crafted. Steph also does letterpress stuff, prints, etc.

Need a fun read, possibly chick-lit, but something refreshingly different and unboozy? How about a book by my friends Anne and May (not their real names, although I know their real names [insert maniacal laughter of someone drunk on almost no power]), or by my friend Kimberly Stuart.

Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt have cowritten a number of books, among them the young-adult series The Miracle Girls. I gave my mom-in-law a few of their books as a gift, and she totally loved them, both as a sixth-grade teacher and a person who knows how to read.

Kim's latest, Operation Bonnet, is fun, funny, and heartwarming. The perfect read to offset all the ridiculously sombre and frightening nonfiction I've been reading lately.

Need a gift for a new mom? How about some baby leg warmers made by my bff Kim.

Because anything that minimizes the number of times you have to take off your kid's pants for diaper changes is a boon, and if it can give the illusion of pants into the bargain, well. You're doing better than I did am.

In need of a creative boost? How about downloading my friend Austin's free e-book, Melting Chocolate Kettles.

Austin's thoughts on the creative life just might be the shot in the arm that you need.

Have any creative friends you want to brag on? Do tell!


stephanie said...

aww thanks erin :) you made my day!

Anonymous said...

i have to admit i was a teensy bit disappointed when i saw "melting chocolate kettles" and found out that chocolate is not actually involved. sigh... :)

it's amazing that you have so many creative friends!

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