Monday, June 13

O is for Squib

I used to spend my days debating story budgets and editing magazine articles and giving feedback on design for publication.

Today, I wiped up an exorbitant amount of infant spit up and had an argument with a preschooler over the animal representing the letter O in the alphabet book. (He said it was a "squib" and I said that while it looked similar to a squib, er, squid, the word "octopus" begins with O, therefore we were looking at an octopus.)

This evening we had some friends over for dinner, and between all our children and the two dogs, it was a complete circus. No leisurely, philosophical conversations for us. No lounging around into the wee hours when wee ones have 8 and 9 o'clock bedtimes.

It was a good day.


Jen said...

But couldn't the octopus be a non-magical octopus born of magical octopus parents? Thereby making it a squib-octopus?

Anonymous said...

But what made it more funny was when we tried to correct him, Ethan went into laughing convulsions saying "O is for squib" for about 5 minutes while rolling on the couch. Love it and his funny sense of humor.


slamdunk said...

I can relate. I just no deep inside that I will long for a return of little kid fest one day--no matter how strange it seems.

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