Wednesday, June 15


Tonight I learned that Nanny is going deaf in her right ear, which is unfortunate because now I can only tell my jokes into her left ear. In most circumstances this wouldn't be anything but a minor inconvenience (for me), but she sits to my left whenever I eat over at my parents' house for dinner. So now I'm never sure if she doesn't think what I've said is funny, or if the joke just hasn't made its way around the table to her yet.

Second, I have a bruise on my right upper arm and guess what? Apparently my right upper arm is involved in way more of my daily activities than I realized—brushing my teeth, swatting at gnats, getting dressed, napping—and it hurts like heck.

Speaking of napping, since when did it become illegal for me to take naps? I dozed off the other day while reading in bed in a perfectly controlled climate in the late afternoon, and Noah was all, "Ethan, why did you let Mommy fall asleep?" and my mom was all, "Do you need your medication adjusted?" What? I mean, so it's cute when infants nap and cliche when old folks nap, but medically perplexing and conceptually offensive when I do it? That's ageism! People of medium age should be able to take naps!

In conclusion, Revo just leased a building for its offices/storage/band studio, and get this: It's an old motorcycle shop/bar that was literally made to look like hell on the inside. I am talking flames painted on the walls, intricate murals of demons and poker scenes, gargoyle heads on the corner blocks of every door casement, purposefully and artistically mangled plaster walls. I find this to be hilarious. On the outside of the building there's a large painting of a biker, which I personally think we could easily transition into Jesus on a chopper by simply lengthening the beard.

Finally, at Saturday night's Dash game, not only was Ethan on the jumbotron (Holla for cuteness!) I was on the jumbotron during the kiss cam! That was kind of a win-lose situation: win in that I was sitting next to my dad, so he kissed me on the cheek, and everyone was all, "Awwwww," but lose because Noah and I have a pact that if we're ever on the kiss cam, we're going to flip it and instead of him mauling me for laughs....wait for it....I am going to pounce on him. Missed opportunity!

And THEN, Noah was sitting next to his mom, and they put the kiss cam on them, and just as he was kissing her cheek, these kids stood up right in front of them, so he totally missed his "Awwwww" moment. Although don't feel like he was gypped, because a few ball games ago he was featured—facial close up with a slow pan out—during the national anthem. I guess because he's all good looking and takes liberty seriously and whatnot.


Danielle said...

I nap pretty frequently (pregnant or not). My in-laws particularly do not understand this 'phenomenon', yet they are exhausted after babysitting for an hour or two. Clearly they have not made the connection.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Hilarious! And every time I take a nap I feel the need to apologize to husband for falling asleep, despite the fact that I gave birth 11 days ago. What is with that??

Erin said...

Danielle—I could think of a million good reasons for a nap.

Kate—Oh, I never feel the need to apologize for a nap. Ever.

Anonymous said...

there's a stand-up comic, elvira kurt, who has a GREAT routine about how all the things kids do (specifically throwing temper fits, but the nap thing fits here too) are WAY more justified from an adult perspective. i ADORE that routine. and screw the kids - adults should be ENTITLED to naps.

Anonymous said...

Erin naps at our house when 'watching the White Sox' on a Sunday afternoon. She naps when she's over during the week with Ethan when she gets cozy in the recliner and accidentally nods off. She naps at the dinner table while we're eating - no just kidding. See a pattern! And she just told me the other day her iron isn't even low! She's a real comedian.


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