Friday, June 17

Ethan's Eye View

Ansel Adams Junior got hold of the camera the other day when his father and I were occupied in the office.

Later I was taking some photos for my next Burpee Home Gardens blog post, and he commandeered the camera. I've culled the many hundreds of shots featuring Ethan's finger, but here are a few of my favorites.

Although he might not yet be ready for National Geographic, he's certainly better at taking pictures than my mom, who is responsible for such inexplicably off-center gems as these:


Anonymous said...

isn't there some photography thing about the rule of thirds or something? maybe your mom's just a visionary artiste or something...

Lish said...


You're so darned pretty.

He's really good with the camera - I see a career in the works!

Erin said...

magnolia—Um, yeah. We'll go with that.

Lish—You mean in the blurry photo, right?

Unknown said...

He's just about ready for an internship in NYC. So precocious. And edgy, I like the "voice" his photos have.

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