Thursday, May 26

Clean All the Things

We're expecting company on Sunday evening, so naturally the house is in shambles. All of my own devising.

"Don't even worry about cleaning," my friend Cary said. "Just close doors!" offered Susan. HaHAHA. They don't know me very well yet.

In the past week, we've retiled the hearth, painted the built-in bookcase (which Noah built last month) in the office, hung some art on neglected walls, and we're in the middle of painting the kitchen cabinets. While the paint is drying, Noah's going to finish laying the new quarter-round from last month's floor installation, and I'm going to sew new cushions for the kitchen chairs. Saturday will be for cleanup, mowing and weeding, and cooking the most delicious danged deviled eggs anyone's ever tasted.

Sunday morning through afternoon will be for panicking then trying to look natural, as though, Yes, Our Home Is Always This Clean, Organized and Low-Key!

Meanwhile, Noah knows the real me. This one, only with brown hair:

(Illustration from the brilliant Hyperbole and a Half)


Anonymous said...

That was me last weekend. While Mike was out. I threw away six trashbags full of miscellany and it felt GOOD.

stephanie said...

wow you've been doing some serious household stuff!

it's a good thing my parents come over to visit occasionally, otherwise our house would never get cleaned.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

That is the only way my house ever gets really deep down cleaned. Having people over works every time. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

My daughter says that not enough family comment on her blogs. So hence my comment here.


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