Friday, April 15

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

I have lots of posts lined up about the rest of my trip to Seattle, a last-minute weeklong trip to Disney World with only Ethan and my mother-in-law that ended with a bang (literally, we wrecked the car just outside Savannah), and a White Sox vs. Winston-Salem Dash game that took place what feels like 400 years ago, but then this happened:

That's my new nephew, Grayson Nicholas, and in the background of that last photo, that's my sister-in-law, looking nothing like she just gave birth the day before, amIright?

Grayson arrived 2 1/2 weeks early (the nerve), so that really threw a wrench in my plans. I have a whole backlog of posts! I have a Humane Society newsletter to edit! I have a paper and a project to finish for school! THANKS A LOT, KID.


Helen said...

Ooh, he's so teeny tiny and adorable. And that frog hat is awesome!

magnolia said...

awww. congrats to your family!

stephanie said...

yay! and i'm glad you are okay too after your accident. so we've both recently been in car wrecks, both have new nephews...these things come in threes, right?

Erin said...

Helen—I love how the frog's face is bigger than his.

magnolia—thanks so much!

stephanie—I know. Let's make a pact: if either one of us wins the lottery, let's split it.

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