Thursday, March 10

You, too, can benefit from my neuroses!

Apparently my recent and public spiral into the vortex of home decor has reached epic proportions, because Sean from CSN Stores contacted me about doing a giveaway.

In case you're not familiar, CSN Stores is basically the place where people like me go to unabashedly revel in our sickness. For instance, I could spend some serious time—serious. time.—combing my outdoor lighting options for sprucing up the back deck and adding some landscape lighting out front. Click on the link if you dare, folks. Click if you dare.


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Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Lucky you! I got contacted by CSN and they offered me a review or giveaway from their line of baby furniture and products. I think "Pickles and Cheese" had something to do with. I am surprised they didn't come to you for their animal and pet merchandise. :)

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