Thursday, March 3

A modest proposal

Last night we watched A Crude Awakening, so now we know exactly how horribly we're screwed by our country's dependence on foreign oil production, which is peaking right about now. All you Republicans out there, don't worry: I'm pretty sure Michael Moore had nothing to do with this film, and there were several Republican experts (including one former adviser to G-Dub), who concur.

I'm not one to despair, though. And seeing as I'm not scientifically minded, I hold out little hope of inventing a solution. What I am good at is ideas. I've come up with a number of temporary solutions that, I think, will keep us going until the real experts can come up with some viable options.

  1. Chop off the top of Mount Everest and see what's under there. In fact, chop off the tops of all major mountain ranges, because I believe they're holding as-yet undiscovered reserves of fossil fuels. And if they're not, well we'll have to find some other way of keeping my car running.
  2. Wind energy, revisited. Apparently one of wind energy's cons is that the wind doesn't always blow strong enough. Picture this: We round up all the illegal immigrants, make them stand next to the turbines, and blow. That way we can also monitor the illegal immigrants round the clock, because I hear most of them are criminals escaping the other criminal drug lords in Mexico.
  3. Tax incentives for people who buy and use horses as their main mode of transport.
There's more where that came from, but I'm protecting my intellectual property and saving it for my letter to Congress.


Anonymous said...

All brilliant ideas, Erin. LOL, I love that you have such creative and imaginiative ideas! But here's one: Why don't we get the white house to actually allow us to start drilling back up here in Alaska? We're sitting on a frigging gold mine here and this country has the resouces to drill, refine, ship and distribute without having to rely on the whole import/export game. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to depnd on other countries to keep ours running? Stupid people in Washington...sigh.

Slamdunk said...

Glad you let your creative side flow here. I have always had a goal to have an office within bicycle riding distance (I mean where I would not become tractor trailer road kill)--I am still working on it though.

On an unrelated note and despite a fear that my comment will be banned--go Bruins in the big dance...

Anonymous said...

Erin - love your blog! @Wth today's technology a healthy balance can be achieved between the two dogmas (liberal & conservative) if the bureaucrats and the media would but get out of the way and instead seek to find a viable solution rather than lining their own pockets. Neither does us any favors. If we could recycle all those that say, "Oh how wonderful! But not in my backyard..." We'd be WAY ahead of the game.

Erin said...

Kellie--The thing about drilling in Alaska is, I've seen images of the once-booming oil regions in Europe that are now basically wastelands of horror. I'd be heartbroken for that to happen in Alaska.

Slam--I allow free speech here, but that was close to making me reconsider.

Anon--Yes. Just, yes.

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