Wednesday, March 2

A mixed bag

My mom just joined Facebook, and she has a lot of questions and very little patience. But one Internet-related thing she's great at is email forwards.

When I finally got around to checking my inbox tonight, I had several good ones waiting from her:

  • Some beautiful photos of icebergs in Lake Michigan
  • Truly awe-inspiring images of Holland in tulip season
  • A joke about a dead cowboy, St. Peter, and a biker gang
  • The gruesome story—with photos—of a golfer whose arm was bitten off by an alligator at the 16th hole
  • A tongue-in-cheek warning about the dangers of a bum lift
  • Slides of Street Art Done By That One Dude Who Draws 3-D Chalk Landscapes, Vol. 2
Just for fun, I'll throw in one of the photos....

Psych! I give you the Netherlands:

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Debra said...

My daughter feels the same way about me & FB to the point I just let that be *her* place. I do call it "myface" just for the reaction though. ;)

Thank you for shielding whatever the heck that was!!!

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