Tuesday, March 8


I didn't realize it was Fat Tuesday until Etsy told me so with their daily newsletter, entitled "Fat Tuesday." By this time it was already early afternoon, and I'd missed a meal's and a snack's worth of debauchery. My intention for Fat Tuesday was to indulge in a bacchanalian glut of bacon and marshmallows, for this year I am not only giving up meat, I'm also giving up sweets.

My dad bristled when I reminded him (as he's the family chef) and asked why again I was becoming vegan. When I explained that I wasn't vegan, I am ovo-lacto-pisce-tarian, he said, "That's how I interpret that big word."

I'll break it down for you:

I'm not Catholic or Episcopalian or even any kind of liturgical religious tradition. I just like to observe Lent as an annual discipline in my otherwise fairly liberal faith. I also like the idea of flashing my boobs and eating whatever I want without guilt, which I'm pretty sure is why They invented Fat Tuesday. Although at this point in my day the only person I can flash is Noah, which I suppose would still count as a medium-scale thrill in our maturing marriage (vintage 2004).

Also, over-sharing is allowed on Fat Tuesday. That is the law according to the rules.

As to the marshmallows, we just inherited a bag of camp-fire-sized ones from my parents, who got the idea of roasting them over the fire from us before remembering that their gas fire has a glass plate in front of it. I've already eaten two today, unroasted. Only 22 to go.

Noah's not observing Lent, but he's very supportive of me. He's out chopping wood for the fire.


stephanie said...

crap, i completely missed fat tuesday.

Jen said...

Where I grew up, it's called Fasnacht Day (or some similar spelling) and everyone eats glazed donuts. I didn't realize I missed it until I saw people with ashes on their foreheads today. I think I get an extension, though, for...for being awesome?

It's the best I can come up with.

magnolia said...

this little heathen is observing lent, or the annual lenten test of willpower, as i like to call it. 40 days without red meat. we can do this.

The Fearless Fowler said...

Your equation was awesome!

Debra said...

Love the equation visual Erin!

I gave up Twitter and fear I've made a mistake.

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

I actually went to my first-ever Ash Wednesday service and got bona fide ashes on my head this year.

Really makes you think twice about that face tattoo you've been dreaming of.

Good luck with the pseudo-vegan kick! Next year, you should totally do the raw food thing. EVEN HARDER!

Erin said...

stephanie--now you'll have to wait until next year to acceptably flash someone.

jen--Well heck, I'll call it whatever you want if doughnuts are involved.

magnolia--yes, we can. Just think chicken.

adventuremag--Thanks, friend! That also happens to be the extent of my mathematical abilities.

Debra--I think Twitter would have been easy for me to give up, but I don't have a smart phone making access easy.

L&WH--I thought about smearing myself with some ashes from my last marshmallow-roasting fire, but I think there's supposed to be more to it than that.

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