Tuesday, February 1

Who says I'm a one-trick pony?

I know I haven't written much these past couple of weeks, but there are a number of reasons, among them

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (although two days ago we had a glorious afternoon in the 60s, which I considered a miraculous blessing on that day, but yesterday while I was shivering it came across more like a mean prank)
  • It was my mom's 30th birthday, so we had a lot of festivities
  • I'm refurbishing a bassinet for my sister-in-law, who is due in April with my very first and much anticipated nephew
  • My very first Video Game I Bought Just For Me (Just Dance! 2 for the Wii) has me boogieing my butt of daily
  • I've been hard at work learning the intricacies of Photoshop in my Publishing class this semester:

This little impressionist piece represents my frustration at the repeated tuition hikes.


Unknown said...

Oh dear, I mean, oh good, more skills you can bring me up to date on.

You managed to create a menacing character who looks suspiciously like your sweet little guy.

Ian Newbold said...

You're doing what to a what now?

Anonymous said...

You rule.

Erin said...

Lisa—I think it's the big eyes, the attitude and the head-to-body ratio.

Socrates—I'm fixing up a little baby crib.

Sal—If only more people thought like you.

stephanie said...

weird..we have two things in common:
- i have also been playing a new video game (little big planet 2)
- i'm working my buns off trying to learn to use photoshop

actually, i'm pretty sure we have more than those two things in common (like the fact that we are both awesome), but who's counting?

Anonymous said...

That is one mean looking Smurf! They never showed him on the cartoon you watched as a kid.


Erin said...

stephanie—perhaps we can give each other photoshop tips. and by that i mean, perhaps you can give me photoshop tips.

Dad—I like to take my inspiration and run with it.

chow and chatter said...

yep that day in the 60's was amazing :-)

enjoy your classes :-)

hugs Rebecca

Emma said...

your mum is only 30?

Anonymous said...


Silly Erin. How could I be 30!

She should have said 40.

Erin said...

Chow&Chatter—Thanks, friend.

Emma—A gold star to you for noticing my fuzzy math.

Mom—Next time I'll consult with you to see how old you want to be.

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