Monday, February 28

I attribute this mania to the sunshine and also the government

Recently Noah resolved to cut back on negativity-based thinking, so I used this opportunity to tell him I wanted to paint the kitchen. Which we did, if you recall.

Today I tested his resolve by going out and buying a quart of the next darkest shade to the one we just painted, so we could repaint the kitchen wall that gets the most sun and thus the most color-washing-outness (sp?). Too much glare and whatnot, and I just knew that going a single shade darker on that wall would in fact make that wall look the same color as the rest of the room. Let it be known that I was right.

Since we got our federal tax refund on Friday, I've been on a virtual (mostly digital) binge of home decor related pornography. I've been trolling Houzz, BHG, Isabella&Max, et al., and I ordered the new flooring for our bedrooms and living area. (Noah made me call our bank to make sure that the funds were truly available to us four minutes after they posted to our account.)

Since then, I've made this sunburst mirror (yet to be painted), bought the gray and white plaid fabric I'm going to use for a cushion on a bench I have yet to refurbish (or even bring home from my in-laws' garage), and restocked my supply of Cabot Polystain in Dark Oak.

I'm so happy I could braid my hair, douse myself in paint and do The Willow a la "Whip My Hair." Considering the amount of Just Dance 2 I've been playing, I'm confident in my ability to Bust A Move.


stephanie said...

if you bust a move, please get it on video. :)

Erin said...

You know, stephanie, I've actually been thinking about it. Because maybe this is my chance to be discovered.

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

Wait, I'm confused. Aren't you moving? What's with all the painting? Are you just going to rent your place whilst living in Florida?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Erin said...

L&WH—The Florida thing is only for 11 weeks; I'm not sure if Ethan and I will go the entire time and figure out what to do with our house, or if we'll visit a couple of times for a couple of weeks.

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