Thursday, February 10

A horrible crime has been committed

The Evidence

The Suspect

The Crime: Paw prints leading from the kitchen down the hall and onto my bedspread. At least the washing machine is broken.


Tonya said...

Ah yes I know this crime scene oh too well! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

But look at her face and her heart necklace!

All is forgiven Bonnie.


Unknown said...

She has the dearest face. And look how she's coming clean about her actions.

Amy said...

She was framed. Obviously.

Erin said...

Tonya—Pet ownership keeps life interesting.

Mum—It's hard to stay mad at her. But she does things to make me mad at her every day, so it's *like* I'm staying mad at her.

Lisa—You are truly generous of spirit and heart.

Amy—She doesn't have the meanness to be truly guilty.

Lish said...

Okay. Yeah. This definitely is in the 'funny things I'm glad didn't happen to me' category. But only because I'm renting.
Otherwise I'd find green doggie footprints on my floor endearing.
I'd even smile as I ate doggie stew that night.


stephanie said...

OH NO...i was so worried that would happen when we were painting our place. instead, vito managed to get paint on his giant tail...

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