Friday, January 7

A Great Adventure

We're preparing for a big family trip to Disney World, so naturally I'm doing just about anything but packing. As is my custom, all week I've been fighting the urge to start large, inappropriately timed home projects (re-staining the kitchen cabinets, which Noah nearly had to physically restrain me from doing two days ago).

I know I owe you a couple of stories—namely my humiliation on Christmas morning and Noah's birthday Incident—but those'll have to wait, because Ethan is obstreperously nagging me about packing a golf ball he's stored inside a Tupperware container.

Meanwhile, I've just made another parenting mistake by telling him to choose which stuffed animals he wanted to bring. When Noah went to pack the clothes I'd set out, Ethan's suitcase was already full of swim diapers, his ladybug pillow, Horton, White Sheep and Piggy. (Shamu and Froggy were in the toiletries bag.) Of course, Bunny and Sammy the seal will be riding with us in the car.

Oh, didn't I mention? This is a road trip.

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