Thursday, December 2

Let them eat cake! (Hint: This is a GIVEAWAY)

A couple months ago I was honored to be among a group of bloggers invited to a pre-opening event at the newly renovated and expanded Winston-Salem Ronald McDonald House. (I wrote about it here.)

Laura Walsh, our lovely host, and Watson, the house's blogger/pet in residence, got in touch with me about a program they've got going this holiday season. For just $5, you can buy a book of 20 coupons for a free square of Dewey's cake. AND, 100% of the proceeds go to RMH. That's a great reason to eat cake, am I right?

What's more, Laura sent me FIVE COUPON BOOKS to give away! Click here for the details.


chow and chatter said...

love Laura and the Ronald Mac house will RT Rebecca

Erin said...

Thanks Rebecca! Be sure to leave a comment on the full post to enter :)

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