Friday, November 5

The inimitable Mo

Edited: Ugh, so our stupid copy paste function didn't work for the videos and the same one was posted. So you'll just have to settle for one video, because I don't feel like finding the other one again. Know this: It was awesome.

These days there's a lot I could do with 200 bucks. Buy a netbook. Put in a whole bunch of plants and trees outside (our friend is a landscaper). Fund several date nights. Have Bonnie's uterus removed. ♪ One of these things is not like the other one,one of these things just doesn't belong!

Noah wants to be all Responsible or whatever and insists that there isn't a market out there for highly priced puppies that are one quarter beagle and one quarter corgi. So in one fell swoop he crushed my dreams of date nights and a netbook as well as my only money-making scheme currently in the pipeline.

Noah's been sermonizing a lot lately, actually. The other night as I relaxed on the couch, held hostage by the hope of a couple episodes of Glee on DVD, Noah towered above me, one leg up on the coffee table, and proceeded into a soliloquy that lasted dozens of minutes and ranged from the lessons of icons (Jimmy Page) to his personal reach into posterity ("One day I'm going to teach my son blah blah yackety yak Hendrix wa-wa wa").

After that, I figured he'd better understand my love of Madonna. "I didn't know you loved Madonna." "Don't you know me at all?" What better way to convince him than to watch Glee's The Power of Madonna episode?

He wasn't suitably impressed by this:

When Bonnie gets home from her operation, she and I are going to do some serious Glee watching.

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stephanie said...

poor bonnie...are you going to post pictures of her wearing the cone of shame?

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