Thursday, October 21


Whenever I tell Ethan something he doesn't want to hear, he tends to collapse with the weight of disappointment. Call it a design flaw. He tends to keep his composure in public, but when he's told to make amends to someone through apology, he freezes up. Stoic. Unyielding, even.

Today we went to the bank to see about refinancing our home loan for a much lower interest rate. Our personal banker, Michael, was excellent to work with. He explained everything thoroughly, went over our options, and was more than accommodating of the fact that Ethan was there with us. In fact, he even brought Ethan a small box of crayons and a little coloring book to play with on the floor as we worked.

As we stood up to leave, I glanced at the floor to make sure we'd picked up all the crayons and cookie crumbs from the floor (Joanie, one of the tellers, brings baked goods in regularly—we have the best bank ever, for real). And that's when I saw it.

Ethan had drawn all. over. the front flap Michael's expensive leather messenger bag. You guys, the window blinds rattled with the intake-force of my gasp. While Noah apologized profusely and I lamely offered a baby wipe (you have no idea the range of trouble a good baby wipe can clean up), I took Ethan by the arm and told him to apologize.

Silence. Awkward, gaping, soul-sucking SILENCE.

Only Noah's successful drive to the bank and the fantastic new interest rate we'd just locked in (4.25%) kept me from collapsing Ethan-style of utter and complete mortification.

*     *     *

Next we went to the barber, where Ethan got his hair cut like a little man. This is a true barber shop, where they clean up dude's hairy necks with warm shaving cream and a straight razor. Ethan's performance there was admirable.

*     *     *

This evening as I sat on our deck stairs watching Ethan work with his Daddy in the yard, he brought to me a tupperware bowl full of dirt. He had "cooked" me "dinner." I gave him a kiss.

"I love you, Ethan."

"Mommy, I'm so proud fuh you," he replied affectionately.


stephanie said...

oh my goodness...i admire how you handled the bank debacle. amazing. i have no idea how i would have handled that.

Anonymous said...

Dirt is my FAVORITE! Wish I'd been there for dinner ...

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

THAT IS AN AWESOME INTEREST RATE. We just successfully refinanced (today, no less!) and I can't wait to reap the benefits.

I think a low interest rate and a cute kid makes up for just about anything. That guy can get a new messager bag. Don't sweat it.

Lt said...

Just think about the free lesson in birth control Ethan provided for Michael. :)

Baby wipes are like duct tape. You can MacGyver anything with those two items.

Erin said...

stephanie—It's a good thing he was such a nice guy.

Sal—You have an open invitation.

L&WH—You're so very sweet. If everything pans out, we'll be saving $180 a month. Isn't that awesome?

Lt—Actually, I think the fact that Michael has two kids helped soften the blow. And any psuedo MacGyver worth his or her salt would keep baby wipes and duct tape in their arsenal.

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