Thursday, September 30

Is it animal cruelty if you make your dog wear mittens?

So we've all been trapped inside for the majority of the past three days owing to some much needed rain. I would have let the dogs frolic in it to their hearts' content, but the problem is they're even more prissy than me when it comes to getting wet in the rain. I have to apply a gentle yet firm foot to the furry buttocks to get either one out the door to do the necessary.

Consequently, the dogs are driving me crazy. There's not a lot for them to do inside for three days straight, especially since the seminal 2010 Ban on Indoor Stick Chewing took effect. So they sleep. Which is fine, except that makes both of them ready to rumble at about 6 a.m. every morning.

The clickety-clack of forty dog toes tap dancing around my uncarpeted house echoes in my skull while I'm trying to cherish those last few moments of Sleepy Time. And then there's the constant up and down off the bed. They love me (what can I say), so although they want to get up and wrestle the moment dawn breaks, they also don't want to leave my side. Solution: They wrestle on top of the bed. That's close to a hundred pounds of writhing dog all up in my pre-coffee bidness, you guys.

And although it's truly adorable that during storms they both love to cuddle up with me, when it storms for 72 hours in a row the excessive cuddling can get prohibitive of some things, like making dinner or cleaning or, I dunno, BREATHING.

The rain finally subsided today, so I tossed both of them out back a la Calvin's mom for most of the morning and afternoon and threatened to drive them into the woods and leave them if the complaining about it at the back door didn't stop and I mean fast.Why wouldn't they want a few hours outdoors? They're DOGS for crying out loud. Despite the fact that they both drink hot tea (true story).

When they came back in around 4, the both of them retired for an afternoon siesta. In separate locations. Because sometimes you just need your space.

Cody chillin

chillin Bonnie


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I know the clack, and it really does get old fast. We know it's claw-cutting time when we can hear the cats tip-tapping toward us before they saunter into view.

Additionally, your pooches are a-dorable.

Danielle said...

When my fat cats "prance" around my hardwood floors at 6 am they sound like galloping horses, so I feel your pain. My dog is 5 pounds and sleeps in until 11 everyday so I've got her under control, thank God.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Sleeping puppies are so cute. Cute photos. That was A LOT of rain. Made our dog a bit "house happy" too. She loves to be out in the rain but I was getting a bit tired of drying her off every 10 minutes and of course the wet dog smell gets real old!

stephanie said...

umm so as i was reading this, the thought crossed my mind that you accidentally came to my house & witnessed my dogs in the morning. 130 lbs of crazy wrestling with a good measure of stepping all over me & running into my face. were you at my house?

our older (almost 2 yr old) dog vito will go swimming in a heartbeat, but God forbid he go pee when it's raining outside. he will only put his front paws off the porch, balance on a back paw, lift his other & pee. basically on the porch.

Unknown said...

Hark, a photo of Bonnie! Great photos. Same thing going on in our house, only the wrestling starts at 4:20 AM. So be grateful.

Kate said...

Well, that cements it. I was thinking I could get out of the having-a-second-kid thing by getting a dog, but hearing that they also wake up at an unholy hour solidly ruins that plan. GREAT. THANKS A LOT.

Erin said...

Sal—I need to devote a whole post to the fiasco that is claw cutting in this house.

Danielle—Just my luck to fall in love with dogs who are morning people. If you get my meaning.

Lisa—There's nothing that reminds me to bathe the dogs like the post-rain wet dog aroma.

stephanie—That's pretty hilarious, as is the fact that Bonnie just pees in the house instead. And by hilarious I mean MADDENING.

Lisa Watts—I'm trying to get better about photos. The camera and I have come to a truce. Also, I thought old folks went to bed early and were early risers as well. What I'm trying to say is, shouldn't Bob be up by then?

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

This is exactly why I have just one dog. He's like this but there's only one of him, thank god.

Also, after a stunt he pulled yesterday, he's up for adoption. Drop me a line if you think Cody and Bonnie might like a Chihuahua brother...

Melanie L said...

Do you have stairs? I feed Abbey dinner on days like that by throwing her kibble down the stairs. :) Or, Matt and I sit on opposite ends of the house with treats and call her back and forth. And I haaaate the clacking!

Erin said...

Kate—There are definitely pros to having a dog over a baby. For instance, you don't have the cost of diapers. But somehow they figure out ways to drive you absolutely bananas.

L&WH—OOOH a stunt! What was it?

Mel—We don't have indoor stairs :( But we do have a longish central hallway. That's not a bad idea.

Lish said...

Wook at those beagle ears.
I can't resist them!

That's why my two get away with so much.

Alchemy, the youngest, doesn't mind rain. Or snow. Or mud. She's a beagle that doesn't actively use her nose to sniff/hunt and so I don't think she's entirely right in the head. Her drive-me-crazy is this oral fixation she has. Instead of you petting her, she wants to cuddle with you and lick you like a cat. It's insane.

Janie Byrd, on the other hand, is a seasoned water-avoider. She knows every corner outside and how to get to those corners without stepping on wet grass. If it's pouring you will NOT put her outside, don'teventhinkaboutit. And I think she can hold her... bathroom items for weeks, because she never has an accident.

I just recently have trained them NOT to sleep with me - in a concentrated effort to have enough room for my husband in the bed when we finally live in the same house.
He's a bit large, you see. (It has nothing to do with me being twice his size, I swear.)

I miss the cuddling! But. I do sleep better when I actually sleep.

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