Tuesday, August 31

I'll endure her criticism, but only because of the free dinner

Me: Noah, do you wish I had a better face?

Noah: I love your face.

Mom, butting in: Even though it's not clean?

Me: How dare you.

Mom: Did you take a shower today?

Me: ...No.

Mom: See?

Me: I was too busy carting you around town.

Mom: You took me to Walgreens.

Me: Exactly.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is - she took me to Walgreens in MY car that I let her borrow - sob, sob - no wonder we call her the drama queen!


Locusts and Wild Honey said...

One of the best parts of your blog is that your mum weighs in.


(Though, Erin, you have always had a lovely face as far as I can tell from pictures. Your hygiene I can't vouch for.)

Slamdunk said...

I am glad my relatives think I am too boring or I would be battling daily post corrections...

Lish said...

If your Walgreens is anything like my Walgreens you wouldn't fit in if you showered!

Perhaps your mom was proud of your adaptation skills?

click here said...

hahah I really enjoyed your post !!!!

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