Monday, August 30

I really wish I were kidding about the near-constant nudity

I don't really believe that any of my current professors condescend to read this little blog (if they even know about it), so I'm not terribly afraid of saying that even with a class I love, a last-minute cancellation is like finding $20. And actually, considering the cost of gas and parking, a cancelled class is almost literally worth $20.

Now I have the power to make of this evening whatever I I do every other evening of the week. Isn't it exciting?!

Speaking of exciting and unexpected turns of events, yesterday Noah and I were mowing my parents' lawn (long story...actually, it's not that long: they've been very generous with us, so we offered to mow their lawn in gratitude). Anyway, we're mowing away (which turned out to be quite the gesture, since their lawn is upward of 46 acres), when a couple ladies surrounded by a swarm of buzzing children stopped by to invite me to MOPS (Mothers Of PreschoolerS). (MOthers of PreSchoolers?) (Or possibly Mums Of Preschoolers Society—an import.)

I was actually invited to this very group by a lovely lady I met in Hancock Fabrics during my first week at home (because back then I thought being a SAHM would involve a lot of sewing and possibly embroidery). Shortly thereafter, Debbie began her treatment for cancer, and I went with her to chemo most of the time, which was the same morning of the week as MOPS.

Now that I've been re-invited, and considering the bimonthly meetings are held at a location I could walk to—which is saying a lot, since our countrified area doesn't even have sidewalks—I think I just might give it a go. Of course, this also means that twice a month I'll have to have showered before 3 p.m., a feat I haven't accomplished since February. Also, it'll require I get Ethan into clothes two mornings a month, which he is certain to protest is not in his contract.

Get in line, kid.


stephanie said...

oooh i know the feeling - except we usually have snow days. or ice days. because the roads are like ice rinks & you're afraid to go outside.

i don't have kids (just furry ones you know), but have you tried: clothes + duct tape ?

Slamdunk said...

Mowing 46 acres? Now that is definitely a big "I owe you one."

Anonymous said...

Hey 46 acres is a bit of an exaggeration. More like 40 acres. So don't feel too sorry for them!

And Erin forgot to mention that the ladies that invited her to MOPS didnt see Ethan running around naked in the yard, otherwise they might have pulled the invite back....second thought maybe it is just a ruse for a naked toddler intervention...


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