Thursday, July 1

True story

On our way home from Best Buy, stopped at a red light.

Noah: Are you seeing this?

Me: You mean that pasty white kid in a wife-beater pumping gas into that old black car with a red and white checkered flag painted across the hood and front doors?

Noah: No, I mean that grown man standing in his driveway, ineptly twirling that large stick like a bow staff.

Me: So...there's a lot going on at this intersection.


Bethany said...

Where is my LIKE BUTTON!?

Dan said...

I like the above comment. Where's it's like button.

Come on Erin, sort it out!

Bethany said...


Sadako said...

Haha. I have to drive around with you some time and see these weird ass things!

Anonymous said...

Where is this intersection? I'm trying to decide if I want to avoid it or go and watch the action.

Anonymous said...

Who does he think he is waving a bow staff around like he is somebody the way...what is a bow staff??


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