Monday, July 5

There's nothing more American than being a sore loser (Pun! You'll see.)

Yesterday I played Home Run Derby with Noah, my brother, my dad, and Noah's younger brother Adam. They refused to bring in the home run line for me, so I didn't get any. Don't get me wrong; I'm all for equal treatment. Except when treating me equally makes me lose.

However, I'm an uncannily good baseball pitcher, so there's always that to feel good about. No, seriously. It's amazing. I don't even know where the ability comes from. All I can say is it's more of a feeling than a skill. I just look where I want to throw the ball, and I throw it there. (That one's for free. Any further coaching must be paid for in advance.)

Then we played badminton. My dad went to far as to get some green landscaping spray paint to outline the "court." This was necessary because my mom loves to cheat. Which is a major contributing factor to why I lost to her twice.

"I feel like I'm back at Camp Shamrock!" she exulted every time she won a point.

"Ow, my sore shoulder!" she'd complain every time she lost one.

We wrapped up the evening by watching the Macy's fireworks on TV (Ethan's not quite ready for the real thing). Luckily for us, it was a 40-minute-long musical extravaganza including several performances by Justin Bieber, Teen Sensation. Naturally, Ethan had the whole house up and dancing with him for the duration.

This morning I woke up and felt like I'd been hit by a bus, which must be how the Founding Fathers felt on July 5. Especially if they'd played badminton after signing the declaration, which I'm pretty sure they did. We're going to D.C. later this week, so I'll find out for sure and get back to you.


Unknown said...

Too much fun. THe family that dances to the TV together is sure to deserve each other the rest of your lives!

Kate said...

I think perhaps you are too hard on the badminton and too lenient on Justin Bieber. That hair would cause anyone Great Pain

Mother Ship + inFINcible said...

Awesome! I hope the founding fathers didn't trip on thier beards whilst playing badminton! Have FUN in DC.

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