Tuesday, June 29

You should hear his Irish accent

When we were growing up, my brother had this inexplicable fear of asking questions, even when we were paying for answers (such as, "Why did you bring me waffles when I ordered a cheeseburger?"). I recently learned that he's overcome that fear, but unfortunately replaced it with a really weird coping technique.

For instance. Last week Noah and Kyle were searching for some USA World Cup jerseys. (That was before our hopes were dashed by Ghana.) Kyle called Sports Authority to ask if they had any, and much to my surprise, he pinched his nose and accessed a new vocal pitch when somebody picked up on the other end of the line.

The poor Sports Authority employee on the call was handling Weird Voice Guy pretty well (having worked in retail, I know you learn to deal with all kinds), but I don't know how she managed when Kyle, caught off guard after being put on hold, forgot to pinch his nose and ended up shouting, "How much is it?!" in a panicked state.

Still, it was better than the voice he did to call a hotel for an upcoming trip we're taking and ask if they offered a Continental breakfast. I half expected the concierge to tell him they don't cater to heavy-breathing perverts.


Anonymous said...

That might be pushing beyond quirky into eccentric territory, right there.

Anonymous said...

if you think that is bad, you should ask him to do a northern irish accent. instead of talking like his mom or any tripcal irishman, he sounds like he is from india....sad really...

their (erin and kyle's) dad

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