Wednesday, June 2

Note to self: she'll probably be watching Good Morning America when I call first thing

Me: Good morning!
Mom: What're you doing?
Me: Drinking coffee.
Mom: How'd Ethan do last night?
Me: Great. He talked for a long, long time then finally fell asleep.
Mom: The justice department is opening a criminal investigation into BP.
Me: Wow.
Mom: This could sink them.
Me: So is Dad in town on his birthday?
Mom: I think he'll be in Virginia.
Me: Let me know what time he'll be getting back on Friday then.
Mom: Lady Gaga is being tested for lupus. Apparently it runs in her family.
Me: Wow.
Mom: Okay, bye.
Me: Bye.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to keep her up with world news, right?


Ang said...

My mom does the SAME thing.

This morning it was "I met the guy who invented Post-Its" followed by "How about the Gores...think he's gay?"

When all I wanted to talk about was my cat I took to the vet...and what we were doing on Saturday.

I love moms... <3

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