Monday, May 31

Steve Carell has saved me on more than one occassion

If there's one thing I can't stand—and I mean, this disdain emanates from the molecular and metaphysical fibers comprising the very core of my being—it's a disruptive dog. I now have two of them.

Today Cody woke us, and naturally Bonnie, just before sunrise with one of his many ways of expressing concern, in what can only be described as a single, piercing Dog Scream. Apparently he saw something distressing outside our bedroom window. What it could have been, I have no idea, because I'm pretty sure even the birds slept in today. I haven't had more than six uninterrupted hours of sleep in four days.

By 6:45 this morning I had Noah making coffee while I constructed a crude barricade of patio chairs at the top of our deck stairs. To keep the dogs from whining at the back door. Because I had thrown them out. Concomitantly I was formulating a plan for bedtime tonight, which includes throwing them out and constructing a crude barricade of patio chairs at the top of our deck stairs to keep the dogs from whining at the back door.

As we sipped our coffee in the blessedly quiet living room, we decided to put on a movie and relax on the couch until Ethan woke up. We briefly considered There Will Be Blood, obviously, but chose Little Miss Sunshine instead. Because a nervous breakdown typically yields less jail time than murder.


Dawn said...

Ohhhh, you're one of *those* dog owners! lol j/k!

Stacey said...

My dog is the same. A barker to the N-th degree. He is currently in the yard barking because my other dog is in the house, being quiet. He is also the kind of dog who will be dead asleep at 6am on a weekday, and full of vim and vigor at 6am on a weekend or holiday. He's darn lucky we love him.

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

Nothing can bring down my carefully constructed wall of sanity and sobriety quite like my Chihuahua on a naughtiness bender.

I hope you get some sleep!

stephanie said...

my dogs are the same way. they wake up before the alarm, step and/or sit on my head, and start wrestling and whining. then when i take them out in the morning, they won't go potty because the idiot dogs that live behind us start yapping incessantly.

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