Thursday, May 6

I imagine Judith Butler drives a Prius

How tasteless would it be for me to put a Stop Global Warming sticker on the back of our truck?

The thing is, I really want to do right by the planet. You know, be a good steward of creation and whatnot. But the truck has come in handy for all the yard work we've been doing. (Do you know how much two cubic yards of fill dirt weighs? I don't either, but I can tell you it felt like about 4,000 pounds.) Most of the driving we do is local, so I don't feel 100% terrible about it. Except those twice weekly trips to Greensboro for school did make me cringe a little inside.

Fun fact: On my last night of class, Noah came along and did some running on campus. Afterward he reclined in the passenger seat to take a quick nap and heard a girl walk up to the car parked next to him and say, "Oh sure, the monster truck has to park next to me. What a douche!"

For most that would be an insult. Luckily Noah has such a high level of self-esteem that he interprets nearly everything as a compliment. "That just makes my truck that much cooler!" he exclaimed as he recounted the story. Meanwhile I hoped none of my earthy vegan lesbian friends from school saw me ascending into the belly of the beast.


Alyssa said...

that's okay because there is a lot of evidence that global warming isn't man-made. question with boldness. and even if it really is and all of those one-sided scientists hired to be on the ipcc are right... think about all of those huge construction vehicles working every day. and all the factory farms making millions of pounds of meat and milk and eggs the wrong way. and even how much the white house and congress and all of those huuuuuge government buildings use. you're not contributing much and surely your truck is badass.

mrs. fuzz said...

who is judith butler?!

Erin said...

Stinks that you can't link to your blog post title links. Judith Butler's a bigtime contemporary feminist philosopher.

roysie said...

Hilarious post. I'm glad Noah has thick skin. My parents put a bumper sticker on their car that says "Support Global Worming" (an advertisement for composting), but they get lots of nasty looks from people who misread the vowel.

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