Friday, May 7

Couple pays out the wazoo for estranged pet's medical bills

After a few days of being scarce, Sophie the cat showed up this morning limping. I inspected her and discovered a pretty gross gash on one of her back legs, so naturally I had to take her to the vet. Thirty minutes after I dropped her off, the vet called.

Vet: Sophie's going to require some stitches.
Me: Oh no! Okay.
Vet: She'll have to be put under anasthesia for that, so we need your consent.
Me: Oh. Okay.
Vet: And we'll need to do some blood work before we put her under, which will be $87.
Me: So what you're saying is we should consider euthanizing?

Apparently she came through the surgery just fine—blood work was totally clear, of course—and we can pick her up in a couple of hours. Also, breaking news: Our drainage issue in the backyard will now have to wait, since the vet bill is what our landscaper quoted us, almost to the dollar. With the added bonus of Sophie having to wear The Cone of Shame, which is fantastic. And by "fantastic" I mean "the crap is about to hit the fan."

The vet says the gash in her leg was huge, and it appears she got it caught somewhere. Gang activity is unlikely, in other words. Which makes sense, because this is the cat who in a matter of milliseconds tangled her leg so severely in Christmas tree lights we had to cut the wires. This is also the cat who got stuck up a giant oak for five days.

By my calculations, we'll only have to go through this six more times.


Dawn said...

Oh, the Cone of Shame! Mayhaps if you decorate it in an appropriatly regal manner, Explorer Sophie will tolerate it for a few...seconds? lol

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Noooo, not the cone! All animals are tortured by it. Glad she is okay but the cone is the worst! My dog had to wear a cone and it actually made her clinically depressed. She had the saddest face and was so embarrassed to have to wear it. Perked right up the day it came off. But a cat....that's not easy. Good luck.

mrs. fuzz said...

And this is why we don't have pets!

Sister Copinherhair said...

Poor kitty! Mine need to go to the vet and I've been holding off because I KNOW what that costs.

Have fun with the litter box...

stephanie said...

wow so we've been living somewhat similar stories...weird. we get a new puppy and then have a stupid amount of vet bills for both pups. the vet actually laughed & called me by name when she saw me. and one of those visits caused mia to wear the cone of shame.

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